IX CBSE Science

IX CBSE Science includes:-

  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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Time: Monday and Wednesday 6.30 PM 

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19 thoughts on “IX CBSE Science

  1. Sir, I am Keerthana Anil of 9th CBSE
    I have a doubt in the previous chapter, “Matter in our surrounding”
    Question : A diver is able to cut through water in a swimming pool. Which property of matter does this observation show?
    This question was asked in the test paper conducted by the school and I wrote the property, matter is made up of small particles and the particles of a matter have space between them.
    But the teacher said the property observed here is, particles of matter attract each other but the attraction is not strong enough to prevent the diver to cut through water.
    When I ask her whether both of the properties are correct, she didn’t agree. Can you please help me.

  2. 2 examples of liquid solution = salt in water, sugar in water
    2 examples of gaseous solution = oxygen dissolved in water, nitrogen dissolved in water
    2 examples of solid solution= Duramine, German silver

  3. Examples of:
    i) Solid solution = Bronze, Germanium
    ii) Liquid solution = Salt in water, sugar in water
    iii) Gaseous solution = CO2, SO2

    Mass by mass percentage of solution – 12.5%

  4. Keerthana Anil
    example for:
    liquid solution- salt solution,sugar solution
    solid solution- alloys,crystalline
    gaseous solution- air ,water vapour

    answer for the 2nd question- 12.5%w/w

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